Saturday, June 26, 2010

slider construction : cam or angular pin

posts related to construction and part-bagianya slider has been my post, about the cooling on the slider, the basic construction for the slider, the slider and the main part, please see previous post to learn the basic construction and when we should use the slider, This post will discuss about when we need to use of the slider that use angular pin or just cam slider, what advantages and disadvantages of both types of construction such slider. 
basically, the type of construction of the slider based on how to pull out the core slider is divided into three types, first use the angular pin,using the force of the angular pin at a certain angle, the slider block would be pull out, the second is a cam slider, just use the thrust of the spring and stopper on the slider, and calculating a stroke, cam slider allows you to easily pull the slider core, the third is the use of hydraulic or pneumatic system to pull the slider core, specifically for the third way is needed so that movements of individual controls in accordance when the slider open mold and mold close.picture below shows slider with angular pin system.

 picture above shown standard complete construction for slider, it's include cooling plug, stopper (blue color), adjustment plate between locking block and slider core(blue), guide rel (pink) etc. angular pin system very common use in slider system, Angular sometimes do not have a round pin, shape the box is also commonly used, actually used the same angle, both will be used by considering the strength, structure, mold, and the available space.
The advantage is the use of angular pins can be used for parts that have undercut short or long, easy to maintain when the angular broken, just enough to change the angular pin. inexpensive in manufacture, and can be used for long-stroke slider to medium, the angular pin length has not touched bottom plate. 

for instance,look at picture above if undercut wide for most of the parts, use the slider two pins with a diameter sufficient, then you will get a strong slider construction and safe.

while the slider does not require angular cam pin, the cam slider there are several types of commonly used, the clamp type,  two angle type, cam units type and one direction cam. because in using the cam to take calculation of a stroke is used, why?? it's to prevent slider core not be separated from the locking block, and the strength of the spring, so that true core slider can move and hit the stopper. cam slider can only be used for minor stroke (0.5 mm-5mm), small undercut, and not too wide undercut form.

a benefit is a cam slider can be used for high cycle time, mold construction, saving space, and easy assembly.

whereas the less than the limited form that can be undercut in the form, was difficult in the manufacture and maintenance.