Friday, November 12, 2010

Loose cavity inner undercut release method in injection Molding

one way to release the undercut is to loose cavity, the opposite of loose cores, loose inner cavity is used to remove the undercut in the cavity area, note the image below for more details,

1 = top plate
2 = runner stripper plate
3 = cavity plate
4 = core plate
5 = locking block for loose cavity
6 = angular pin for loose cavity system
7 = loose insert cavity


some designers also say that with the inner mold cavity slider, whatever his name is, in essence, functions and works the same way. when the first opening between the top runner stripper plate (2) with the cavity plate (3) top plate will pull locking block (5) together with the angular pin (6), aided by the spring on the insert cavity, this movement causes the loose insert cavity to move straight straight to the angular movement of the pin, as a result of friction between the angular pin with a hole in the loose insert cavity.

when construction is used, ie if your product has undercut formation on a position in the cavity region, angular corners and locking block commonly used ranged from 8 to 20 degrees, above the angle can cause angular cartilage pin was broken, because the force that fought too large.
Another thing to note is the stroke, you must ensure that the stroke of movement of loose cores must be secure, which is about the length undercut products coupled with the 5-10 mm.


How can we release undercut in product in circumfrence with depth of 12.5mm

you can use double slider, or cylinder, more detail please submit your product to my email?

is there a simulation video for this? I want to understand more about it for my school project. Thank you