Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mold part and construction

Many type of mold in the platic industry but generally mold devide in 3 big section there are :

Two plate mold
Two plate mold basically when opening the product after plastic injection process mold just devide in two parts core side and cavity side, this type molding only have one parting line, product parting line with located between core side and cavity side
Look at picture below for more detail

Three plate mold
Basically when product out after injection process this mold type divide in three parts, beside that, this type mold have three parting line, first between top plate and runner stripper plate, second are between stripper plate and cavity plate, the last is parting line product that located between core and cavity (see picture below)

hot runner mold (runner less mold)
this type basically similar with two plate mold but not same, hot runner mold always heating the runner, so runner will not drop out with product, so it is some times called runner less mold, there is two big parts when opening after injection, core side and cavity side. Look at the picture below

Mold Construction
look at the picture, the parts of mold are

1. Top plate (plate 1)
2. Striper plate (plate 2)
3. Runner plate (plate 10)
4. Cavity plate (plate 3)
5. Core plate (plate 4)
6. Spacer Block (plate 6)
7. Bottom plate (plate 9)
8. Ejector plate (plate 7)
9. Ejector retainer plate (plate 8)

other function from all parts will explain in other post