Sunday, November 18, 2007

When we need slider parts in Mold Design

second previous post i have post about the slider parts and construction in complete mold base , then now i give a little brief when we need slider in mold design, basically we design mold from our customer, first is we must look the parts that we will make by plastic mold, look mare at the drawing so we can know about tolerance and critical point of parts, seconds is define the parting line, first parting line is between core and cavity parts, and after that if the parts have side form we must define slider parting line, look picture below

from those parts we know that we need slider parts, side hole and other shape that can not form by core and cavity became slider parts. below is picture in 3D modeling,look at the hole shape in side, those shape need slider part.

and how the construction of slider, more about construction mold you can see by clicking mold construction or molds parts in quick topic, basically here i give slider 3D modeling and parts name, those parts names i take from Misumi standard mold design

you can use this tutorial for education and others purpose but still write copyright from this site.


this tutorial very useful to understand basic concepts

for esp tool designers...