Sunday, November 11, 2007

Slider Design and Basic Construction

picture below show slider basic construction in Mold, various construction and litle part available in slider but the basic construction of slider is same, look picture below, sorry if this picture is too grainy, i'll make a new one.

the main part from those picture is mold plate, number 1 until 10 is shown the plate of mold
plate 1 is top plate
plate 2 is gate opener plate, retainer plate, and others name depend in fabrics
plate 3 is cavity plate
plate 4 is core plate
plate 5 is backing plate
plate 6 is support plate
plate 7 is ejector plate
plate 8 is ejector retainer plate
plate 9 is bottom plate
plate 10 is runner plate

and the slider part name are
g for angular pin, this pin always have certain degree, usually between 10-30, angular pin will transfer vertical movement to horizontal movement, others construction, angular pin not from the top but from bottom, this kind of construction is rare to use now.
h is slider core, when contact with angular pin, this part also the core from slider construction, at this part we can attach insert part that mold the shape of plastic.
i is slider locking block, we can depend in angular pin when mold closed, slider pin is too week, so the holder of pressure from inside mold during injection process is locking block.
k is slider lock plate, for non mass production you do not have to attach this part, but if the mold used in mass production, i suggest to use this part, because slider locking block and slider core always have friction, then when this part broken or got abrasive is will need expensive cost to repair it, so use lock plate is better, is cheaper.
l(L) is slider insert, this part which form the plastic product, it's attach in slider core


Hi, thanks for the post! Would you like to replace for a clear picture? I can't see the numbers and letters on the picture. :)

hi, thanks
can u provide formula for slide travel in the mould.