Saturday, September 15, 2007

Coring uniform wall thickness

when design a mold then we find nonuniform wall thickness, we can make little graduation translation using core, of course if there was not function parts,
ordinary parts like not cosmetic parts, touching with others parts, sliding and etc, should we change by making insert in core or cavity side. look at picture below
when a parts have no uniform thickness after injection process, sink marks and unfill product like void will occurs,

Different wall thicknesses in the same component cause differential shrinkage which, depending on component rigidity, can lead to serious warpage and dimensional accuracy problems To attain uniform wall thickness, thick-walled areas of the moulding should be cored like picture above,
the best core for graduation translation and easier material flow is by make radius in every corner, beside flow more easier there will easy when machining process used,and no need EDM process so it's should cost down the price of product.