Monday, September 10, 2007


when you choose sprue bush, make sure you was know the diameter ball nozzle of plastics injection (SR) is less than diameter ball (SR - at picture below indicate by R)

if diameter R of Sprue bush to little than nozzle SR diameter, that will not good match or touching, if injection machine working plastic flash will out between nozzle and sprue


some mold designer usually use Locating ring to prevent unmatching nozzle of injection machine, before choose inside diameter of locating ring, we must know the outer diameter of nozzle that will touch with locating ring, at the picture below written in purple

Red color indicating flow of plastic material, from this picture we can take a conclusion that the picture is 2plate type of mold, look at picture there is no runner plate, and the gate type is side gate

Z pin Ejector

is used to make the runner ( RED COLOR) still adhere in core side when mold open and take the product, then Z pin will push the runner together with other ejectors