Monday, March 5, 2007

Injection moulding preparation

Each mold works starts with preparation of the molding machine and peripheral device and check of the mold and material, This basic injection mold preparation is
  • Preparation of mold
  • Preparation of plastic material
  • Installation of mold
  • Setting temperature
  • Setting molding condition
  • Starting molding

Those a step by step to prepare moulding, the explanation each step can read below

1. Preparation of mold

Before installing a mold, check the surface of mold, particularly cavity and core for rush, flaws, bare and other material doesn’t needed and then check the condition of mold refers to maintenances record, make sure the mold still have good condition. For efficiency it is also important to check the cooling water pipe and for clogging and nipples for flaws and leakage.

2. Preparation of plastic material

Carefully check the capacity at the hopper, check the color, warming up system in injection machine near hopper make sure it working well, and start drying material three or five our at the specific temperature before starting molding.

3. installation of mold

Molding almost heavy so read and observe carefully the working standard and working safety procedure and direction, position the mold on the platen by using locating ring, then secure it with bolts, clamps etc, after installing the mold, install the cooling water hose according to the piping diagram, confirm that the mold close and open smoothly.

4. setting temperature

See the manual of plastic material, set the plasticizing temperature of the plastic material. Generally, determine the nozzle temperature first, then the lower temperature at the front section, intermediate section and rear section in order, if the temperature of the section under the hopper is too high, the material cannot be fed normally.

At he mold set the temperature of molding by using mold temperature regulator, it takes some time to rise the mold temperature to set the level after circulation of the medium is started.

5. setting the molding condition

  • Set condition

Set condition include injection pressure, dwelling pressure, injection speed, injection time, pressure change offer time, cooling time, metering finishing time, screw speed, it all can be prepare as well as we need.

  • Resultant condition

It is will related to injection, filling time, filling temperature, gate sealing time, injection finishing point, and other

6. Starting molding

After all prepare well, and the mold temperature and the cylinder temperature reach the respect set levels, start the molding, since the mold temperature is unstable and the plastic material is uneven just after molding is started, the quality of molding is unstable, basically after the operation cycle of the molding machine stabilized, discard the first several moldings, then start collection the moldings.


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