Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mold Cooling Design at Slider

Why mold need cooling ? as we know that cooling conditions affect cycle time, part dimensions, surface finish, and warpage, Mold cooling time is the biggest contributor to the overall cycle time, it could be as two-thirds or 70-80% of total cycle time.

from those reason design an efficient cooling circuit can reduces the cooling time, beside that uniform cooling improve part quality by reducing residual stress, stability of heat transfer, and accuracies of part after cooled.

Why Slider Need Cooling?
Some product have long dimension that need slider, to prevent warpage, residual stress, and stability of shrinkage behavior, for that reason slider need cooling.

Mold Cooling Construction

picture below shown cooling construction at slider insert from top side.

annotation number at picture upper indicate part of slider, they are
1. Plug
2. Slider Insert
3. Cooling Pipe
4. Guide Rel of slider core
5. Locking Block slider
6. Long Nipple

Pipe with blue color indicate flow of water when cooling process working. number 1 part (Plug) prevent water flow to side of slider inserts.
When design nipple,make sure that nipple is long enough to reach outer side of mold base.

to get understand more look at picture below, at this picture still shown cooling at slider from left side.

additional number of slider parts are
7. slider core (this part is one of slider main part, where slider insert attached)
8. Angular slider ( the main function of angular is change the moving 90 degree, so slider can move)