Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cavity mold cooling construction design

In commonly mold designer know that Cooling conditions affect cycle time, part dimensions, surface finish, and warpage. but some junior mold designer still confuse to make layout and construction of cooling in mold.

before this posting, i havepost about cooling construction in slider, beside slider mold cavity also important to fill cooling, why because almost product 70-80 % is molded shape in mold cavity.

picture above shown core side of cavity mold, the basic construction is
1. Plug (Plug is for prevent water flow out from desire flow layout)
2. cooling pipe (as those picture cooling pipe doesn't shown, almost cavity cooling pipe processing using jig bor to make a long hole that becoming cooling pipe)
3. In / Out Hole, it's hole also make using jig bore. this hole will attach in cavity plat that will match with cooling layout in mold base.
orange color indicate product insert hole shape.

here i post basic construction in single cavity, see picture below to learn more

picture above is shown flow of cooling process of cavity mold from top view.
then which hole water flow in and flow out, see picture below

at this wireframe method picture, we should make hole at bottom side of core to connected cavity and cooling layout of mold base.

Tips Design Cooling pipe for cavity
1. make sure side of cooling pipe have enough length from insert, minimum 3 cm
2. choose a good diameter for the hole, like 6 cm, 8 cm, or 10 cm.
3. when injection proses begin make sure using calculation so you have turbulent flow in cooling pipe.
4. make the pipe more long is useful for make turbulent flow.

then how the layout and construction of cooling in mold base ?
just wait for new post