Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stripper Ejector Construction (step by step mold design) part 7

Ejector Guide Pin and Bush
in this part, we will design ejector guide pin, EGP bush, bolts for stripper plate and bottom plate. first learn ejector system and part at link below

3D ejector drawing

hope you can understand ejector system and ejector guide pin (EGP) function, Ejector guide pin located between ejector plate and ejector stripper plate, to fit the ejector pin, we can add bolt at the bottom of EGP, and clamp it in bottom plate of mold

Bolt for spacer block
To make position of spacer block fit between backing support plate or core plate and bottom plate, add bolts from bottom plate to spacer block, see picture below for more detail. In each spacer block, add 2 pcs of bolts, the other function is when disassembling process spacer block and bottom plate became one part, it make dissembling easier

Ejector Puller Bolts
to push the stripper plate when ejecting proses begin, we need connector from ejector plate to stripper plate at core,in this case, i use ejector puller bolts, you also can use other standard part,just make sure that you can connect ejector plate to stripper plate at core side. see picture below for detail construction.


This is a wonderful post, without any doubt. May i know which online sources you are using to collect this type of information? Anyhow, Great sharing. I will bookmark it.

3D images always look cool. This blog typically relates to cicil engineers or may be infrastructure designers. It will help them to make a ejecter design in 3d i hope so. I like your blogs they are always based on some informational topic.