Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stripper Ejector Construction (step by step mold design) part 6

now, after put sprue bush and locating ring at top plate, let's design core side, like cavity block, core block also need bolts to attach the core block to core plate, see picture below

at those picture i use M10 bolts type, this bolts use to attach the core block to mold base plate, don't forget to give chamfer of each side of core bolts, this chamfer very useful in assembly mold processing, this chamfer will become guide of core block when assembling to mold base plate.
for safety reason, you must also consider chamfer for other side to prevent scratch accident of operator when doing assembly process.

at last make packet at mold core plate, at those pocket give some Radius for machining process, this radius is must equal or more bigger than milling cutter radius that you want use in machining process, commonly more deep your pocket more large the radius of milling cutter.


Mold designing is very popular in these days. Genetics has improved a lot and making better engineering.
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