Friday, September 4, 2009

Stripper Ejector Construction (step by step mold design) part 5

next step let's put sprue bush at top plate until directly to product, beside sprue bush i put locating ring, this two part important become guide between mold and injection machine, sprue bush will guide molded plastic to runner, because this product use direct gate, runner also direct from runner to product. see picture below for detail

Locating Ring Type

i use 120 mm diameter of locating ring, with height 15 mm, from that height, 5 mm i put on moldbase, and 10 mm become guide when mold base attach to injection mold, 3D picture below will give briefly image of locating ring.

Sprue Bush

What is Gate ?
The entrance through which molten plastic flows into the cavity of the mold from the runner. This is where the flow or melting of molten plastic is controlled by control type of gate or gate dimension. It is positioned at the thickest area of a part.
other function of gate is the gate makes it easier for the runner, which will be unnecessary after molding, to be separated from the recommended to consider gating options early in part design.

Direct Gate
direct gate or sprue gate we can define as connecting directly end sprue to the molding and used as a gate,
this type of gate is commonly used for single cavity molds, where sprue feeds the material to cavity molds directly rapidly with minimum pressure drop.
see more explanation of direct gate at link below


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