Monday, August 31, 2009

Stripper Ejector Construction (step by step mold design) part 4

on the step below we design bolts position to hold the cavity insert to top plate of mold base, i use M10, or you can use other bolts base on your strength calculation and available market, there are various bolts type available on the market, i prefer use socket head screw in mold design, see link below for reference about this type of bolts

Picture below shown Socket Cap Head Screw.

picture below shown cavity main insert and bolts position, i attach the bolts in 4 side symmetrically,

for easy machining process, don't forget this little tips but very important when designing mold, at corner side of pocket make sure you make Radius or half circle, so pocket can be process use in MC easily. i use half circle type in each corner.

Chamfer in Insert
to prevent accident when assembly process, safety reason and easy assembly of mold we need to make little chamfer in each edge of mold, with chamfer it also became guidance when assembly the cavity insert to mold base. see picture below for detail picture, i use C5 in symmetric chamfer and 3-10 in asymmetric chamfer.