Sunday, October 19, 2008

3D and Drawing ejector simple construction in mold with video

simple and cost effectively ejector system i try to design, it using very minimum part, using this ejector system just have 3 ejector pin, by understanding minimum part to make ejector system, we can develops more complex ejector system. see picture below

this ejector system is same with previous post, i just completely the picture with isometric picture, drawing sample and 3D movie, so i hope we could more understand in ejector system. below is drafting picture of those 3D picture

little different from previous post, this ejector system use long ejector rod, ejector rods type is very depend the type of machine, stack mold, basic injection mold have different ejector rod type, although the basic system is same.

video above shown simple 3D model of ejector system, at those video is not include bolts that connected ejector plate and ejector baking plate, also bolts that connected bottom plate to core plate.
i hope by using those video is more easy to learn mold design.