Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Runner Design in Injection Mold,

in designing the runner, first-time we must consider items that affecting  runnersize, some of which
- Volume of part, the greater the volume takes a larger diameter runners anyway.
- Weight of part, the heavier parts, it takes a larger diameter runners.
- Plastic materials, plastic materials with low viscosity, aqueous requires a smallerdiameter runner.
- Wall thickness, the thicker the greater the diameter of the runner is needed.
- Length of flow path, the longer it takes the flow of large diameter runner.

picture above shown some factor that we must consider before choosing right diameter of runner, 

Cross Section Area
various cross section area use on the market, It depends on the heat loss, machining requirement, but the most popular cross section area are circular, parabolic and trapezoid section area, picture below shows three
to determine the diameter, based on the type of material and wall thickness, the following chart can help, for similar materials PP, PA, POM, PC, PE can use the following graph, first select the appropriate thick wall thickness and look heavy parts, and then pull the line down, the approximate diameter required will be obtained


Wear and tear on the runner system cannot be under estimated. This is a good overview of getting the mold right!

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Looking after your plastic injection moulding equipment is the highest priority for a manufacturing company. Without it, you are lost!

This is a good overview of getting the mold rights


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We are facing problem in PP part discolouration when colour change, there is lot of rejection due to hot runner. Mold maker told cant make cold runner because it length around 300mm. Material PP. Part wt: 680gms. Machine : 850ton

Please advise on this, if cold runner make for 300mm. how it works?



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Hie Murugan, Some Possible Solutions are-
-Check hopper and feed zone for contamination. -Decrease back pressure. -Decrease melt temperature. -Decrease nozzle temperature. -Move mold to smaller shot-size press. -Provide additional vents in mold. -Purge heating cylinder. -Shorten overall cycle.
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