Sunday, June 22, 2008

Construction of Cavity Cooling and Mold Base Cooling, O ring

here the basic construction of joining cavity cooling and mold base cooling, we can use from simple construction to joint cavity and mold base cooling with one O ring, or we can use more complex construction like using special plate, and various O ring seal type. here is basic construction to joint the cavity cooling and mold base cooling.

both circular type and straight type cooling can be joint use those construction,
those construction use in half circular type of cooling system like picture below

click the image to see more large

simple joint just need one O ring or rubber seal, O ring pocket is preferred make in horizontal face from assembly, becouse it's make assembly and machining process mold more easily,
basic rule and tolerance to prevent leak in O ring are like picture below

at the cross section of cavity and mold base cooling construction, blue color indicate mold base part, and light yellow indicate cavity block, green is indicate hole or pipe of cooling. light black is O ring before penetrate with cavity block.
however is the simplest construction to join cooling cavity and mold base.