Friday, March 7, 2008

Side gate, edge gate design

as we know Gate In injection molding, is the channel through which the molten resin flows from the runner into the cavity. Generally, it is small and solidifies first. The restricted opening through which the plastic enters the mold cavity.

Standard Gate
this type of gate have various name, the common name are standard gate, edge gate and side gate, this is the most typical gate in molds, which is applied to almost all types of plastics. look at picture below, it's single side gate from sprue until gate and product (click the picture to enlarge)

how about the parting line?

the are about 3 methods that we can choose when design parting line,
1. core side process,this type of parting line only core side that's must be machined , picture below shown side gate design with flat parting line in core side process.
this type parting line is useful applied in product without taper in side of product, but when product have taper in side (like picture below) it will undercut and need slider to form the side of product.

2. cavity side process, this type of gate design parting line is one method to hide the marks of gate after injection process. at this type runner channel machined in cavity side, then a little gate machined at core side. this type of gate parting line is more good and more cheap than number one when product have taper like picture below.

3. cavity and core side parting line, this type parting line for gate and runner is not common to use, when use this type parting line runner and gate, you must use cylindrical type of runner of semi cylindrical type of runner.