Sunday, June 3, 2012

how flash occurs on mould?

this post shows the flashing process occurs in the injection mold, in fact many things that influence the occurrence of the flash, but can be broadly divided into 3
1. material effect
2. Influence of the injection mold
3. Effect of mold conditions
for example, due to the influence of material, rubber and PP is certainly more difficult to control defects in flash because it has a low viscosity compared to PBT, or Xyron. because of mold flash, can be caused by several things, among others
1. mold core thickness is insufficient, causing deflection while receiving the injection from the nozzle. this can be avoided by calculating the estimated deflection and also adds support pillar between the bottom plate with the core plate.
2. machining is not good, if this happens core or cavity must be measured first, then rewelding and re-machining.
3. if for the wrong polishing process, so that the bumpy surface (waves), surface machining has to be repeated, is made insert core, can also rewelding.
of course, before doing the repair process because of flash, we must first check the cause, either in the injection process, and the molding itself.


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Mold texture also is very easy to create the mold "R" angle rounded so that more flash on the plastic sample. How to avoiding the flash in mold texturing .
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