Friday, December 19, 2008

step by step mold design of ejector plate type

by sample complate design of bowl i'll try to explain easily how to design a mold, start with simple product a bowl like picture below

by looking the bowl, we can consider that bowl only need core cavity side without undercut release.

choosing the right parting line is important, parting line will separate core side and cavity side, becouse we only need core and cavity, the parting line is only one, between cavity and core, to make it, first,make the block then from subtract the product and split it by parting line that you define before

some CAD software also have instant cavity and core making feature, split and sweep feature so make the mold is easy by using those feature, after split it into cavity and core we have cavity side and core side of the mold.

Cavity Side

and below picture is core side

now we have cavity and core side, it still rough, without bolt, without gate, ejector and other part, the next step is make some insert part.