Sunday, September 7, 2008

Considering Factor that affecting gate size

when we design a gate for mold injection, we need a proper size of gate, to large size of gate will make unbalanced flow and defect in product. to small size of gate make cycle time high, unfil l of product and sink mark is appear easily in product.

although there was various factor that affecting gate size, here i list some common factor that affecting gate size.

Mass of Part
of course large mass of part need more large gate size, i still doesn't have list a good relation graph or table which various material and mass of part. Herbert Ress in Mold Engineering 2nd edition page 159 listed some suggested dimension for gate cross section but it just very general list without material and other kind of gate.

Size of Part
size of part also have large effect when we design a proper gate,longer flow length, larger cavity surface in injection mold of course need larger size of gate.

Temperature of Melt
when we use possible maximum temperature then cavity still cannot be filled, use more smaller gate, because with smaller gate more heat from heater can be transfered in resin, so shear stress of resin will decrease and viscosity also decrease, then resin will flow easily with small value of viscosity.

Nozzle Tip Position

don't use smaller length between nozzle tip and gate, because it will make freeze premature, if the construction of mold does not enable to make longer length, you can prevent that by making the gate more smaller.

Viscosity of Resin
viscosity of resin and shear stress of resin have large effect in proper gate designing. if we buy a resin, shear stress and viscosity data also available, use those data to calculate proper gate size. we can calculate average plastic flow by dividing shear volume with injection time. always use average plastic flow speed more than speed of sound, more than 340 m/s, if your value below the speed of sound it large possibilities that your product will shot (unfinish fill of product).

although other factor beside i write above there are some large factor like cooling speed, cooling temperature and injection time also have valuable effect when designing the gate, the main point was i write all above. from those main point i think we should design a proper gate in mold fast and effective.