Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Locating Ring Design and Construction in Injection Mold

Locating ring is simple part but, very important when mold base attach to injection machine, ok here the construction of locating ring after assembled in mold base.

then after attach in injection mold, the position of locating ring is like below

Basic Rule Design
1. when design locating ring, first rule is look at your injection machine catalog or hand book, and find the dimension of locating ring. like picture below

from picture above we know that locating ring diameter is 200 mm and diameter of nozzle is 52 mm, so your locating ring outer diameter must same with those injection machine locating ring hole.

2. don't worry about the tolerance, at the injection machine tolerance always about minus 0.01-0.1 mm, then the locating ring tolerance if we buy in standard mold part company is about minus 0.01-0.05.

3D Modeling various Locating Ring
below is some picture of locating ring that was i sketch using Google sketchUp, now i provide two type of locating ring. to choose right locating ring in mould is depend on injection machine nozzle, locating hole diameter, nozzle length in other factor.

Second type

Third type
this type have large chamfer from top to bottom in inner hole, those chamfer provide shape so nozzle can touch the sprue more precise and easier.

and below is sample picture of locating ring base on Mold Part Industries


Truly impressed after founding your research in the web.