Sunday, May 18, 2008

Diaphragm Gate Design in Thermoplastic Mold

Actually this gate is another variation of side gate, but this gate have circumferential shape like fan gate,some time it also named as disc gate. basic modeling of diaphragms gate is like the picture below

this type applied when at the center of product has a trough hole, plastic flow when injections is similar to direct gate, but flow plastic material more constant and controlled becouse this gate have circular flat thickness. this gate punched out after ejection.

Design and Size
the following picture below shown basic part and size of diaphragm gate.

The gate height (t) is preferred about 0.1mm -0.17 mm
The circular runner height (T) is recommended about 5-10 mm depend on your size of product.
Land size (D-d) is about 1mm-5 mm each side.


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